Vistas Cocomar Project.

Who we are?

Vistas CocoMar is a project done by Cocomar International Development, Corporation founded by Mr. Claudio A. Rojas Marin 35 years ago. During all this time this corporation has been consolidated in the local business field.

One of his memorable places of his own property is Discotheque Cocomar, which is one of the most visited places in Guanacaste province, located just in front of Coco beach, with great music, live performances, karaoke, food, and everything you need to enjoy a nice "fiesta" time. Another place we can mention is the Double R ranch located in El Paso , just 20 minutes from Coco beach, featuring on December the typical Rodeo from Guanacaste, folkloric dances, disco, bar, barbecue, and the best bulls and traditions in just one place. Also we got buildings for rent ,properties for sale, restaurant ,liquor store and of course his most recent project. Vistas CocoMar.


Alfonso Rojas is a very well known person, son of Claudio Rojas Campos and Gloria de Rojas, considered by all the people as the pioneers in tourism, who hold the third place in building for the first time a hotel in all Costa Rica. This couple came here to Guanacaste very young, with nothing left behind but with the conviction of doing the best for them and their family. They started to build a small kitchen and some rooms for rent and try to develop his dream... To open Coco beach for local and International tourism.

Since he was a young fellow, dedicated all of his time to different labors such as agriculture, fishing, bars and more rooms for rent.


Right now, Alfonso Rojas is known for his collaborating attitude, giving for free his disco to school and high school to raise funds for their needs, but always keeping a low profile. He is living with so much proud and has always in his mind to keep the path his dad left behind. Son of who in life was the county's major, declared by the same county as "favorite son" which is a distinction to persons who dedicated important part of their lives to work for the most needed population and to the province's interests, also the park located in Coco beach has his name to honor his labors for the community, and the most important of everything is to have the people's gratitude in the streets when they thank us for something our beloved grandfather and father did for them.

Grandpa we miss you!
Claudio Rojas Rojas
(Grandson, Third generation)

Vistas Cocomar
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